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Be Airway Aware

This eBook is of interest to Human Resources Officers, Mentors, Coaches, Teachers, Clinicians, Parents or anyone seeking optimal sleep and optimal performance. Sleep should become one of the subjects you discuss, review and prioritize in your daily interactions.

By optimizing sleep, you will optimize performance at home, school, in the workplace and on the playing field. You will be healthier and live a longer, happier life. All of this can be accomplished by no more effort than getting a good night’s sleep!

 The intent of this ebook is to increase Airway Awareness as it pertains to obtaining a good nights sleep. We will discuss the many ramifications of poor sleep to the individual, workplace, and society, and how faulty airway performance can result in poor sleep. We will also review the different options currently available to ensure that your airway is not preventing you from sleeping and performing optimally.

This ebook is of special interest to Human Resources Officers responsible for Worker Safety and Performance, Coaches and Athletes seeking optimum performance, Health Care Clinicians such as Otolaryngologists, Dentists, Hygienists, and others that work intra-orally, and anyone interested in Optimal Sleep and Performance.

Download your FREE copy of the “Airway Aware” eBook today, intended to share information about the importance of airway health for optimal sleep and optimal performance. 

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