Welcome Dream Chasers!

Sleep Disorders Dentistry involves the use of an oral appliance to help manage the faulty airway during sleep. Individuals that snore may also have narrowing of the airway causing them to have disturbed sleep, or in some cases they stop breathing all together multiple times for each hour that they are asleep. Not only do these individuals wake up tired and are predisposed to many ailments such as cardiovascular issues (heart attacks, stroke, hypertension etc.) and feeling tired during the day making them more accident prone, but they also have lost all their DREAMS! One of the first signs that your sleep is being interrupted by a faulty airway is losing your dreams. In fact, when a sleep problem is rectified, one of the first signs reported is “I am dreaming again Doc!”  Thus, those of us committed to “SleepDisordersDentistry” are Dream Chasers!

A toast to better sleep, and chasing dreams!

John VivianoComment