New Linkedin Discussion Group: "SleepDisordersDentistry"

As you know, over the last few years I have been a regular contributor to and the SleepScholar LinkedIn Group. I find these to be great forums and will continue to support these sites as they cover the full spectrum of Sleep Disorders, are widely read and are quiet frankly irreplaceable.

In contrast, the NEWLY formed “SleepDisordersDentistry” Linkedin group will be limited to wet-fingered practicing clinicians and adjunctive individuals and the subject matter will be limited to Oral Appliances and adjunctive therapies. This forum is intended to foster communication and collaboration for all that treat breathing-related sleep disorders with an oral appliance; a venue to share and learn from each others daily clinical experiences.

Think of “SleepDisordersDentistry” Linkedin Group as a 24/7 Sleep Rounds, where those of us that do this on a daily basis can share our experiences regarding different appliances, appliance design options, appliance selection, calibration methodologies, bite taking methodologies, managing side effects, evaluating bruxism with Home Sleep Screeners, discussion about various Home Sleep Screeners, dealing with vertical, combining oral appliance therapy with other treatment modalities such as position, CPAP, weight loss, surgery etc.

 Together, we can all be better clinicians than we are alone. Join this discussion group today and let’s continue of this path of discovery together. With conversations happening 24/7, you should be able to have questions answered by other clinicians that have already dealt with the same issue you are currently challenged with.

Go to LinkedIn and look up the LinkedIn Group


then click on “Join”.

Post articles, case presentations, start a discussion, ask questions etc.


This site will be dedicated to helping us be better,

by sharing our knowledge and experience.


John Viviano DDS D ABDSM

SleepDisordersDentistry Linkedin Group