Compliance Monitoring Helps Oral Appliances Come of Age

Recently, there have been some very supportive publications regarding Oral Appliances, finding they are much more effective in clinical practice than once believed.

“…health outcomes in patients with moderate to severe OSA were similar after treatment…likely explained by the greater efficacy of CPAP being offset by inferior compliance… ” . (Am J Respir Crit Care Med 2013; V187:8, 879–887).

What has changed is the ability to objectively monitor patient compliance to therapy, facilitating an unbiased assessment of disease alleviation. In the study cited above it was found that, “health outcomes in patients with moderate to severe OSA were similar” when compared to CPAP. This firmly establishes the role Oral Appliances can play in helping these patients. Recently, the Braebon DentiTrac monitor has become available commercially and we are now offering it with approved appliances. This list of appliances includes the SUAD, Somnodent and Herbst and it can even be retrofitted to an existing appliance. The DentiTrac monitor will provide patient adherence information for 5 years!

 For a limited time, there is a special opportunity for 10 patients to have this monitor included on their Herbst appliance with no additional charge. Although approved by Health Canada, in the United States, each appliance is required to have their 510K FDA approval updated to include this monitor. I am assisting Gergen’s Laboratory in Arizona to obtain the 10 cases needed to satisfy this requirement and they are offering the Compliance Monitor free of extra charge for these 10 patients.

Herbst Sleep Apnea Appliance

Herbst Sleep Apnea Appliance

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Exciting times for Oral Appliance Therapy!